Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Zoo in October

At the beginning of October we made a trip to the Fort Wayne Zoo and had a great time. The day we went was actually the last day the zoo was open for the season, and because of that it really wasn't very busy at all. We were able to stroll around at our own pace and just enjoy the day, and lovely weather. I was looking forward to this because I thought that Lilly would really enjoy it since she is very into animals as of late. Well, she really could have cared less about the zoo animals. Apparently, she is more into cats and dogs than monkey and tigers. She did really enjoy the tropical fish aquarium though! I have a feeling that she will appreciate the zoo much more next year. This was also Liam's first trip to the zoo! Since he slept the entire time I am going to say that he loved it, ha! 

Here are some pictures from our family date: 
I should note: Lilly around this time was always chewing up food and then not swallowing it (thankfully, this hasn't happened in weeks), and she had a mouth full of banana the entire time we were at the zoo. Yuck! 

The zoo is now closed for the season, but I am sure we will be back in the summer with two babies who can enjoy it! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Week in Review

I'm a little behind on blogging again...you know the story! It's currently my last week of maternity leave (say it isn't so!), and today my brother and his girlfriend are leaving us to go back to Florida. We had a wonderful weekend and were so thankful they would come up and visit us!  I will post about their visit soon(ish), I'm sure. Now I wanted to share some snapshots from week 8 of my maternity leave. Some of these were posted on IG, so I'm sorry for double dipping! :) 

Oh, Happy Monday! 
Spooning salsa into her mouth with a chip but refusing over and over to eat any chips. This chick likes her salsa! 
Sweet, Sleepy baby! 
Another day, another park! We have gone to the park so many times and made some wonderful memories there! Can't believe how big this girl is! 
Back in my favorite pre-pregnancy jeans! Yay! 
I was so thankful to FaceTime with my Grandma on her 80th birthday and only wish we could have been there in person to celebrate with her! 
How cute is Liam in his cord and plaid shirt!? Love him! Dressing a boy can be fun! 
Lilly shennigans! So much fun and memories I hope to hold onto for years to come! 
Liam's first smiles captured on camera. Oh my goodness-melt me! 
Love a good profile shot and wow, look how long her hair is getting! 
Walkin' in Mommy's shoes. Love it! 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Lilly Update

Tonight (this morning?) I am blogging standing up (good for the brain!) in the kitchen while I treat a low blood sugar at 2:30 in the morning (yum, OJ with pulp!), and it actually feels quite nice. It's quiet and that has been the problem the past week or so with blogging...not being able to find a quiet moment to get my thoughts out of my head (I say this is a problem, but really it is a blessing and I wouldn't change it for the world-soon I am going to have lots of quiet time when I go back to work and I just can't think about that right now). Recently, I have felt myself swimming in thoughts that I just need to get out...to blog, so here I am feeling energetic after a 2am feeding session :) 

Two things: let's see how I feel after the 6am session today, and this may be chalk full of errors since I don't have my glasses back from a repair and I am not going to put my contacts in for thirty minutes of blogging time. So, you are welcome for that! 

First on my mind is sweet Lilly, and how much she has changed in a short time. I can't believe how much growth I have seen in her while on maternity leave; developmentally and physically! I haven't measured her but I certain she has grown several inches! I really need to determine where in the house I want to make her growth chart and just dive in-I am regretting not having done that yet because then I would have actual data on how much she has grown in 9 weeks. Just trust met that she has grown...a lot. 

Secondly, I am blown away by how much she has learned while I have been home. I know she learned at this pace while I was working too, but this time I have seen it happening with my own two eyes in our own home. That has been an incredible blessing to me! She is putting words together (no sentences yet), identifying colors, helping me daily with Liam-feeding him, taking diapers to the trash, taking bottles to the sink, etc., repeating everything Stephen and I say (good thing we don't have potty mouths!), and so much more! I will probably do an official update on her soon at 20 months but I want to jot some of this down now for memories sake.

These are some things that she does right now that I do not want to forget...

I want to remember how much she helps with Liam. She is usually very excited to help feed him or take his dirty diaper to the trash. She will actually argue with you if you don't allow her to do what she wants. She says "me!" over and over in that case.

I want to remember how loving she is. She will be playing independently and come over to me and say "hug" and then wrap her arms around me. She does the same thing with kisses but she just lays a wet one on you with little or no warning. I freaking love it! She usually does the same act of love to Liam immediately following me. And sometimes this repeats and repeats. It's my favorite and I savor these moments!

I want to remember how much she loves applesauce. This sounds silly, but she always requests applesauce-for every snack and at every single meal. She says "apple", but what she really wants is applesauce in a squeeze pouch. We go through these things like water!

I want to remember how she asks for me all the time, for everything. I love it and I know that I won't always be her favorite person, so I am savoring these moments too. I think it's just because she has been with me all day, every day for almost ten weeks so she just prefers me for everything. I am sure once I go back to work she will start relying on Stephen more and I know he will enjoy that; he misses there bonding time each day before I get home from work. But really, when she says "mommy" I am there for whatever (well, not everything) she wants. Love it!

I really, really want to remember everything about this maternity leave. I can't believe it's almost over, and I am not sure how I will handle going back to work. This time with my babies has been a treasure and so priceless. Watching Lilly grow and change over ten weeks has been amazing and I feel so incredibly blessed to be her Momma. It all passed in the blink of an eye!