Friday, September 19, 2014

He's Here!!!!

First of all, thank you all for your thoughts and prayers over the delivery of our bundle of boy. We are pleased as punch to introduce you to our newest family member...
William  “Liam”  Kepano
Liam arrived at 8:03am on September 18th and immediately stole our hearts. He weighed in at 8lbs 2 oz and was 20 inches long, and perfect! We are so grateful for this blessing from our Lord! Big thank you to everyone who prayed for us and over us regarding this pregnancy/delivery-God really delivered and answered those prayers! I hope to have his birth story and more pictures up on the blog soon, but right now I've got a baby to snuggle! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Day Before...

It's the day before Liam's birth and I just can't really wrap my head around that. Today is my first official day of maternity leave as well. It's surreal that tomorrow is THE DAY because it feels like we have been praying and preparing for this day for so long...yet, on the other hand it really feels like the past 9 months have flown by at super sonic speed.

I have so many things I want to say on this post, but honestly I can't get the words out. Thinking about how our lives are about to change tomorrow is huge. I mean, we are going to have the best day of our lives...again. What an incredible blessing from our Lord! 

Tonight I will rock my only child to sleep for the last time, for tomorrow she will no longer be an only child. I can't wait to see her step into her big sister role, though I don't think she is old enough to understand exactly what that could mean just yet. I just pray that she and Liam grow up to be best friends and siblings who always have each others backs. This is my prayer among other things of course-I also pray for both Lilly and Liam grow to love the Lord and stand for his word. The world is an ugly place and can easily tear down a persons beliefs, so I pray theirs are strong enough to stand! I pray that they always know how incredibly loved and wanted they both are! 

Goodness, I cannot wait to hold Liam in my arms!!!!! 

Please continue to pray for our family as we approach this wonderful, big day tomorrow. Specifically, pray for Lilly who is about to have her little world rocked. Also, pray for Stephen who is going to be solo-parenting for a few days! And if you could pray for myself and Liam-my nerves are bound to appear, so i pray that the Lord squashed them and gives me reassuring peace that only he can provide!

Come 5:30a.m. we will be checking into the hospital, and hopefully around 7:30a.m. surgery will be underway! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: Last Weekend As a Family of Three!

Wow. Today is my last day at work, and as of 5pm I will officially be on maternity leave. It's so hard to believe that the time is actually here, but I am so incredibly ready and thankful that it is!!! :) Now, onto our weekend wrap-up! 

This was our last weekend as a family of three and we soaked up as many memories as we could! Saturday morning we had cinnamon rolls at home for breakfast and then loaded up to run some errands. It was nice and cool and actually felt like fall, so I was in heaven! Our goal on Saturday was a big shopping trip to stock our pantry for most of my maternity leave-with a limited income we are really going to have to budget carefully and watch what we spend for the rest of the we loaded up on things that we could this weekend! We went to Meijer first, but when we pulled in Lilly was asleep and had been for about 15 we sat in the parking lot for 30 minutes so she could nap. I clipped coupons on my phone and we took some selfies while we waited on her! :) 
At Meijer, Lilly was VERY into the pumpkins. It was precious!!! She is so my child!!! We had a quick lunch afterwards at Culver's and then decided to run into KMart quickly because I was feeling pretty good and we hadn't been in there in years. Well, turns out that I am still not a fan of KMart, but I did get some pajamas to pack in my hospital bag for really cheap and I was impressed with their children's clothing options too! 
Our next and final stop was Aldi's where we really loaded up on canned goods. Our receipt was a mile long and our total was under $200. I was so impressed, as I always am-we love Aldi's! Lilly was a great helper while we shopped too and all I can say is thank goodness for my iPhone and the app Baby's Playground, which kept her entertained while we loaded the groceries! 
Sunday morning we woke up, ate breakfast and had some playtime at home before getting ready for church. While I got myself ready, Stephen tried on a few outfits for Lilly-including her Halloween costume, which she LOVED. She is going to be the cutest lady bug around on Halloween! 
After I got ready, and Lilly was ready we rocked per our usual routine while Stephen got ready. She feel asleep as I sang to her and we rocked for a good 40 minutes. I loved this time as I realized that we probably won't be going to church for several weeks, and when we do go back we will have two babies so I am not sure that this rocking for morning nap will be able to continue. I prayed over her and gave her too many kisses to count. My pregnancy hormones might have been in full swing! I asked Stephen to get my phone and snap a picture, to which I think he thought I was crazy! 
Church ended up not working out. Between Lilly only wanting me, and my blood sugar bottoming out-we left early. I wondered how many people, if any would think we left early because I was in labor, ha! We stopped at McDonald's for a coke to treat my low and then decided to go to our favorite place for brunch since this is our last weekend with just us. We ran by the house before heading to Eugenia's so I could grab my camera. 

Lunch was delicious and I am pretty sure that Lilly ate her weight in strawberries. Sweet memories that I will hold on to! 

After lunch we headed south to look for sunflowers, but the fields were just beans this year :( We did stop on our way home at the Pumpkin Post, which is our favorite pumpkin spot. Lilly had just fallen asleep, but I woke her up and asked if she wanted to pick out a pumpkin to which she readily agreed. I snapped some pictures and just love how these look. Her dress and the green grass, blue sky, orange pumpkins made a great color combination! 
The only smile we could get out of her in front of the camera, silly girl! 
Please note my belly every day, and it hurts! 
Love these two! 
We came home and put Lilly down for a nap before running outside to snap my final bump pictures (as seen on the blog yesterday)
We ended the weekend crossing things off our to-do list, like bathing Louie and cutting Stephen's hair. It was a great final weekend for us as a family of three, and now we just anxiously await the arrival of little brother!!!! :) Wonder what our first weekend as a family of 4 will look like?