Thursday, October 30, 2014

Liam's Birth Announcements

Liam's announcements went out last weekend, so by now I think that everyone who was getting one should have it. That means I can share them on the blog now and not spoil the surprise! I wish that we could mail one to everyone we know, but finances won't really allow that at this point. This is the next best thing, right? Thanks to Tiny Prints for these lovely mailers (we paid for these)! As always I was so pleased with their quality and processing time! 

Here they are: 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mommy's Pumpkins!

We didn't make it to church last Sunday, but we did get a little photo shoot in with our babies in their matching Halloween jammies! I am in love with these photos; especially the ones with Lilly holding Liam. Precious!!! 

These jammies are from The Children's Place, but they don't have them online anymore :( 
The cutest jack-o-lantern butts in all the land...or at least in the Donaldson household! 

Tonight we are off to Manchester University for Halloween in the Halls. It should be fun and hopefully I will be able to blog about it and share pictures before Thanksgiving! 

Happy Wednesday, everyone! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

I really am trying to get back into a groove and blog about our weekend in a timely manner...I think this week is a success! Let's not talk about the fact that I still have no blogged about my c-section recovery, or our family trip to the zoo a couple of weeks steps, right? 

I really looked forward to the weekends when I was working, and I still really look forward to them because we get to have Daddy home with us!!! 

This weekend went as follows: 
Friday night we ate dinner early because Daddy came home from work early, and then we headed to Wal-Mart for some necessities. We were out kind of late, but both kids handled it so well! 

Saturday morning we were up around 9 and Stephen and Lilly ran to the bank while Liam and I got ready for the day. When they returned, and Lilly changed out of her jammies we walked to the post office to mail Liam's birth announcements. 

. One may be coming to your mailbox soon! 
Not to fret, I am going to post them on the blog this week too! 
After that errand, it was time to get some yard work done. We had a ton of leaves to clean up, and the grass really needed to be cut-probably for the last time this year. We also had bulbs to plant, but that didn't happen until Sunday. We had these two adorable helpers out in the yard with us: 
Don't worry-their cuteness made up for what they lacked in helpfulness! :) 

Lilly really enjoyed jumping into the leaf piles and I got some funny videos of her doing so. The piles were so big that they literally swallowed her! Here are some photos: 
Do you see Lilly? 
We ended Saturday with a family the park. Lilly was again, THRILLED. That girl just loves being outside, and really loves to swing and slide. We actually hear those words from her probably 100x a day! On the way home from the park we walked by (twice) the Halloween House, and it was as big of a hit with our kids as ever. I can't wait for Christmas this year...umm, who am I kidding!? I can't wait for Christmas every year, ha! 
Sunday we did not set an alarm, and thus we overslept for church. Well, we didn't oversleep really; we just got up too late to get there on time. If we only had one child we probably could have made it, but we decided not to stress and rush, so we will try again next week! We spent most of the morning in our jammies. In fact, we were still in our jammies when we had a surprise visitor-Grandma! Thank goodness she is family otherwise I wouldn't have taken so well to being in pajamas and make-up less, ha! :) Lilly was THRILLED to see her! After she left for a meeting we changed and got ready for the day. Lunch was next, followed by bulb planting. Thankfully, Stephen handled this while Lilly napped and Liam napped as well. Here are some pictures: 
Oh that face! Here we are discussing what to eat for lunch. Girlfriend was keeping us entertained during the conversation! 
My boys snuggling! :) 

Naptime, all around! 

Thank you Lord for a wonderful weekend!