Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas at Biomet!

Happy Friday!!!! 

I am on vacation today, and it feels so good! I have been looking forward to having a day off with my babies for as long as I have been back to work! I'm working on a post highlighting my transition back into the corporate world, but I'll give you a little preview: it's HARD! Something that made it a little more enjoyable to go to work everyday recently though, was our Christmas decorations! 

At Biomet, my department is located on the second floor. We teamed up with other second floor departments and had a friendly decorating contest. Oh my goodness, it was so much fun! We had very important meetings to discuss the theme and logistics of it all...and we decided our theme would be "Christmas At The Movies". Fun, right? 

Each team member decorated their cubicle/office area with a different movie in mind, and then to hammer it all home we just put random Christmas decor on every available surface...just for good measure! We had many classic movies covered, including Elf, Santa Claus is Coming To Town, Charlie Brown Christmas, White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, Rudolph, It's A Wonderful Life, and How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Here are some pictures of the fun going on around the second floor of Biomet Orthopedics: 
I really loved creating this fireplace and when my creative juices can flow at work! 
A full sized Christmas tree!!!! In a cubicle!!!! AWESOME! 
When we turned the overhead lights off, the place was magical! 
In the end, our department won! We are pretty confident that bringing in a projector and playing Christmas movies on the wall while serving fresh popped popcorn sealed the deal for us. The judges were pretty blown away! 
What a fun way to celebrate the Holiday Season at work! I've said it before, and I'll say it again-I am grateful for the company I work for, and even more grateful for the people I am surrounded with on a daily basis! 

I also want to share this picture of what I wore for our Tacky-Christmas-Sweater day: 
Lilly and I had a blast painting this on Tuesday night for me to wear on Wednesday...nothing like waiting until the last minute! I received many comments on it too, and I think it's perfect! Tacky or not, I'm sure I will wear this annually! 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Card

I don't know about you, but I am in disbelief that Christmas is in just one week. It's nuts!!! With the ever so quickly approaching holiday, I felt it would be a safe time to share our 2014 Christmas card with the interweb. Hopefully everyone who is receiving one has gotten it by now! :)
We ordered our cards through Shutterfly, just like in years past! I seriously love Shutterfly! We just used pictures from Liam's newborn session for this years card because I just didn't have it in me to go through another photo shoot. Is it just me who gets stressed out at these things!? I felt a little bit like a slacker because of this, but really his birth was the biggest thing to happen to our little family in 2014, so it felt fitting to feature it on our Christmas cards! :) 

I wonder what our next Christmas card will look like? Let me just go on the record and say that there will not be a third child on the next one...ha! 

Merry Christmas, everyone! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: Christmas Caroling and More!

Hello friends and family!

I ask that you continue to be in prayer for my Grandma in Florida. She is getting stronger every day, and has been moved to a nursing home type of facility for rehab while we wait on the path report to determine the extend and exact type of her cancer. Our prayer continues to be that it is NOT cancer, and for her to return  home soon! Your thoughts and prayers mean so much to her and all of us! 

Now, onto our weekend wrap-up. I should start off by apologizing for this incredibly picture heavy post...but it wouldn't be very sincere, ha! Just be warned, there are lots of pictures today! :) 

Friday night we stayed home and relaxed as much as possible with two kids. Stephen's parents had watched the babies at home that day and it was so nice! They both napped well, and were so happy for us in the evening. It was enjoyable! We changed them into matching Christmas jammies in hopes to get that one picture Momma wanted...well, that didn't go so well:
Let's just file these under "I tried". Ha! Also, Lilly insisted on wearing her boots with her jammies. That girl kills me! 

I can't really remember what Stephen or I did after the babies went to sleep...I think we wrapped Christmas gifts and watched a Christmas Friday I am completely done. The work week is wearing me out, so we aren't very lively around our house at the end of the week! 

Saturday morning we woke up and had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then enjoyed a little play time in the basement. I had to go down there to inventory our Christmas gifts and see what we still had left to wrap. Lilly saw her slide and wanted to play, so I obliged. This was the first time she has played in the basement, but I don't think it will be the last. So far, I am thankful we made the decision to place her slide/climber down there for the winter months! 
Later in the morning we worked on our gingerbread house. I think I had built this up in my mind...and it went nothing like my vision, ha! Maybe next year...this year Lilly was just not interested for more than maybe three minutes. She did; however, enjoy eating the gumdrops and sitting on top of the counter! 
After lunch we went upstairs to change out of jammies and I snapped a couple of pictures: 
Lilly and Stephen were just brushing their teeth together and I snapped this picture. She always brushes her teeth with her Daddy! 
Liam was ALL smiles! And SO cute! 

Saturday evening we had a lovely soup supper at church before going Christmas Caroling. We had to be there early to help set up, so it was a pretty long event. We wore tacky Christmas sweaters...only Lilly and Liam or Stephen for that matter, didn't have basically I wore a tacky Christmas sweater, ha! We caroled at Timbercrest Retirement Community and had so much fun. I had a horrible headache the entire time, but somehow made it through. Lilly and Liam sure did make several residents smile. So glad we could bring the older folks some joy on Saturday night! 

I really love this picture because Stephen is wearing one of my Grandpa's flannel shirts. I have a few of them and I love wearing them around the house...and Stephen was willing to wear this one caroling so we were all wearing red. What a man I've got! 
Sunday morning we woke up slowly, and decided not to go to church. We had to be back at church in the late afternoon to help with the live nativity, and more caroling, and we wanted to do some things as a family we skipped. Lilly was confused apparently because she kept saying "urch" all morning, ha! She sure does keep us accountable. Really though, we needed some quality time as a family to do some Christmas things and I am thankful we took that time! Being on the Christmas Committee at church really eats up almost every weekend in advent with church activities! 

Lilly wanted cereal "cee-real" for breakfast, so we let her...and then she ate her entire bowl with a spoon and drank the milk. I might have cried a little. Where did this big girl come from!?! 
We got dressed and headed to our favorite place for brunch, Eugenia's. Liam's one and only smocked Christmas outfit was HUGE on him (3mo). 
His feet are like six inches from the bottom cuffs, ha. I am pretty sure this had to be sized wrong...he wears 3mo in everything else! I guess this will be the only pictures of him wearing it...back in the closet it goes! 
He sure did look happy wearing it though, and so handsome with that little collar! 

We moved onto outfit plan B: 
Then Lilly picked out her outfit...her Christmas Eve dress from last year: 
Same dress, same girl-one year later! 
And then we had a little photo shoot before we left: 
Lilly is really not into sitting still for pictures these days, so there are more pictures of still subject, ha! Again, I was working with my manual camera settings and trying to get some practice time in! 

We had a lovely lunch at Eugenia's and LOVED looking at their Christmas decorations. They always have amazing displays and it's so fun to walk through...well, run through if you are Lilly! By coincidence, Santa was there that morning too! Lilly said she wanted to see him, but freaked out when we got near him. They were taking pictures and printing them for free, so I got one...and I will treasure it forever. Lilly has a forced, fake smile thanks to me being a human buffer to Santa. In the end she high-fived him and told him she wanted "People" (Little People) and "p-sents" for Christmas. 
After brunch we ran over to Wal-Mart for a little grocery shopping. Immediately I saw Santa there too, and asked Lilly if she wanted to see another Santa. She said "no" pretty quickly. Too funny! On the way home a little someone had a car nap:
Later in the afternoon we made salt dough ornaments before heading to church for the live Nativity and community caroling: 
Liam, Christmas 2014 
Lilly, Christmas 2014 

All in all, it was a very busy weekend! We feel blessed to have so many things to do and people to see during the holiday season!