Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

I should change the title of this to ALMOST Wordless Wednesday, ha! 

Happy Wednesday folks! 

Here are some pictures of my favorite little girl-I can only say that for a little bit longer if baby #2 is a girl-sliding on her new toy this weekend: 
She had so much fun!!! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

Hi y'all!

 This weekend was a great one! We had a weekend jam packed with fun things, and it was so much fun. I am a little tired...actually, a lot tired from it but I wouldn't change a thing! This wrap-up is actually going to be pretty lengthy and picture heavy since I am starting it on Thursday when I had a vacation day with Miss Lilly! Let's get started: 

Thursday we played at home and took a quick nap before heading out to run some errands. I had a few dresses to exchange at Kohl's for a bigger size from Miss L and we needed to pick up some things at Wal-Mart too. Lilly was so good the entire time! We exchanged her dresses and I used our umbrella stroller for the first time ever...there was a slight problem though,I could not for the life of me get the thing to collapse when we were finished using it. I was so thankful for the van though, because I just shoved the whole thing in the back, ha. Lilly picked out a big ball at Wal-Mart and a little pink lounge chair for our back yard too. It was a fun day for sure! I ended the night with a little crafting for Lilly's room. Stephen had gotten be this old wooden window from a job site months ago and I forgot that it had been sitting in our basement waiting for me. I decided to jump on it and I love how it turned out as a bow holder for Miss L. We hope to hang it in her room this weekend! 
Friday I came home from work to several fun mail packages-I love fun mail days! Lilly's climber arrived and I was so excited...probably more excited than her, ha. We had some lovely weather so we took advantage of that and ate dinner outside. I think L was a little confused about being in her highchair outside, but she seemed to enjoy the view! After dinner Stephen put her climber together and then we played on it for a little bit. I know that Lilly is really going to enjoy this toy this summer when we are outside all the time! 
Saturday we headed to Peru for an Easter Egg hunt at Stephen's parents church. I wasn't sure Lilly would be interested, and since we were skipping morning nap for the event my hopes were not high. Man, was I surprised. She loved it and caught on really quickly. She was so funny too! It was difficult for her to walk carrying her basket with the eggs in it, but heaven help you if you tried to help her or take it from her. Miss Independent!!!! The weather was gorgeous, but a little windy and we just had so much fun! The church grilled hot dogs for lunch and Lilly at her 1st ever hot dog. It was so cute! I love documenting all the things in her life so far, even little things like eating her 1st hot dog (which she liked with ketchup). We took a lot of pictures at the egg hunt, but here are my favorite: 
Lilly has been refusing to nap at home the past week or so-it really started on Thursday when I was home with her. I have been letting her cry-it-out for a while, but the past few nap times have looked like this: 
I really can't say that I mind, because I sure do treasure those snuggles! I also appreciate the time to put my feet up and watch reruns of Grey's Anatomy of Friends! 

Saturday evening our friend Serena came over to take Lilly's 1 year pictures. I haven't seen any yet, but I am so anxious to. Lilly was not the most generous model and was really all over the place-it should be interesting! It was also so windy outside! I plan on sharing the photos when we get them back from her, so you just have to be patient with me!  :) 

Sunday we went to church as a family before heading to Fort Wayne for lunch and a little shopping. I had a meltdown in my closet on Sunday too-nothing fit right or looked right and I just felt so blah. I really wasn't liking my maternity clothing options at all. We had lunch at O'Charlies and had pretty horrible service, but the food was good thankfully. I used to really enjoy O'Charlies (it's been a while since we had been to one), but I am not sure when we will be back after this experience. 
After lunch we headed to the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale. I have gone to this sale each year that I have lived in IN. It's so much fun, but it can be so overwhelming. If you have questions about it or want to plan a trip, feel free to email me. I would love to pass on any info or tips I may have. This was Lilly's 2nd trip the sale and she was wonderful! We went with a purpose and we succeeded. I wanted another campus backpack for baby #2's diaper bag (it's what we use for Lilly), but the color options were not to my taste, so we ended up with this cross body diaper bag. We used it yesterday for Lilly so I could wash her backpack and I think we are really going to love it. I think the color is pretty gender neutral, don't you? 
We ended our day at Target where we went in for maternity clothes and ended up spending over $100...not on maternity clothes. How in the world does that happen!? Target has magical powers or something! I did get two maternity clothing pieces and a cardigan, so I am feeling a little more comfortable with my maternity wardrobe-I just wish more stores sold maternity in the store! 

End of my maternity clothes rant...for now! :) 

Hopefully you all had a wonderful weekend as well! 

Vera Bradley 2013-Whoops, Apparently I didn't blog about it last year! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

1st Birthday: Smashing The Cake

I apologize for not getting this posted on Friday like I said I would...I do have an excuse though (don't I always?, here we go! 

I thought about making Lilly's cake myself, but in the end I decided it would be best to outsource this since I had a lot going on with decor and food prep, and I am so glad I did! I ordered the cakes from Sweet B's and will be ordering from them again in the future. Everything was delicious and so pretty! 

This wasn't Lilly's first rodeo with cake, so she kind of knew what to do. We were still getting cake out of her nose the day after the party, ha! I think I will let the pictures do the talking...enjoy! 
After a quick bath in the sink, we were back in our party clothes and ready to play with our sweet friends. Fern is our neighbor and is almost a year older than Lilly. They "swam" together once last summer, but Lilly wasn't really into playing at that point, ha. This was the first time I have seen them together in a playful setting and it was so fun! I hope these girls grow up to be friends! 
How adorable is this picture of them hugging?! I die! 

At the end of the party, Lilly was pooped: 
I was so thankful to Stephen's family for sticking around afterwards and helping us clean up. I really didn't have any energy left, so I am not sure what we would have done without them. Such Lifesavers! 

And that wraps up my recaps of Lilly's birthday party. A BIG thank you to all who came out, all who helped and all who loved on our little girl. We appreciate all of you SO much!