Friday, October 24, 2014

Big Sister Lilly

I have been wanting to document how Lilly is doing in her new role as a big sister, and today I have some magical time available for blogging because both babies are napping at the same time.
Lilly is the best big sister to Liam! When we first introduced them, and for the first week or so at home she was not interested in him at all. In fact, it was almost like she didn't even hear him when he cried. To say he didn't phase her at all, is almost an understatement. I actually appreciated this fact, because it meant I could leave room and not worry about Lilly trying to pick Liam up or anything like that. I still don't have to worry about her picking him up, but I do have to worry about her giving him his paci or sitting on him if he is in the bouncer or on the play mat....which brings me to my next point...

In the last two weeks, Lilly has really warmed up to Liam. In fact, she held him for the first time last week (you may have seen the photo I posted on IG). I had waited for this moment for was something I dreamed about when I was pregnant with Liam. I planned on it happening in the hospital and then again when we took our family photos, but she just wasn't ready. God's plans and timing is always better than ours, right? Now, Lilly asks to hold him often and it's pretty hard to tell her no. Lilly also is now interested in helping feed Liam. She now likes to sit next to me while I feed him and hold his bottle. She isn't able to hold it on her own, because she just doesn't know her own strength. I will say, I love that she wants to help and seems to love her baby "bubba". 

I also have to say that we go through a lot of paci's each day. It seems that they always end up in Lilly's mouth...Lilly, who never took a paci herself. So, they go from Liam's mouth, to Lilly's mouth, to the sink, and then to the drying rack. I actually think I should invest in a few more for my own sanity's sake! 

Lilly doesn't seem to be a jealous sister at all, and for that we are so thankful! She does want to be where ever Liam is most of the time, and that includes our laps, our arms...anywhere! I currently spend a lot of my time each day on the floor with Lilly and her Little People (favorite toys!) in my lap with Liam in my arms. She also likes to be carried places...probably because Liam gets carried everywhere. Her new favorite word is "up" and "lap". They sound so sweet coming from her! 
So far, watching their bond grow has been amazing. Liam looks at Lilly and then also at Stephen or I with a face that seems to say, "really mom? this girl is crazy!". Ha. We look forward to watching the two of them grow up together and can't wait to watch them play together one day soon. I feel so incredibly blessed to be their Momma and part of their lives! 

Photos above were taken by Serena during our family photo shoot, while the photos below are pictures I have snapped of Lilly in action as a big sister: 
Thank you Lord for these babies! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Family Photos photos! Let's just say that Lilly was not in a very photogenic mood, but somehow Serena was still able to capture some great images. We had talked to Lilly about the fact that we were going to take photos, and we had even practiced her didn't matter, she clammed up when Serena showed up. She did warm up a little bit as we went on with the shoot...that and the fact that we had candy corn on hand for bribery helped us get some smiles and cooperation. I will treasure these images forever as they are our first official family photos with Liam...can you believe that we didn't take a family photo at the hospital!?

I'm so blessed to call these people my family! 
Thanks for reading! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Clean Up Day

Fall is here in full force and I am loving it so much. This is my favorite season, and I am so grateful that I get to spend this fall at home with my babies when I would usually be at work stuck in a cubicle. Because I usually sit at a desk all day, I have been trying to appreciate and take in all the fall colors every single day...that means we have been taking lots of walks and collecting lots of leaves for fall crafts too! 

Here are some shots of our home and neighborhood, and the fun we have been having on our walks this fall season: 
Last weekend we decided to do a little fall clean up. All these leaves are beautiful, but they do make a big mess of our yard and take some time to clean up! Thankfully, we have a leaf blower and our town has leaf pick up days too. We didn't get them all picked up, but we did make a dent in leaf clean-up. By we, I really mean Stephen since I was wearing Liam and chasing Lilly...oh and snapping lots of pictures too! :) Thankful for a husband who helps out at the house!!! 

Lilly was all about the leaves blowing around and even stopped several times to smile for me! :) The blower scared her at first, but that only lasted a minute. Soon, she was Stephen's shadow and was everywhere he was! :) Here are some of the pictures I snapped: 
Haha-this was her face as Stephen started the leaf blower! 
"The blower is loud and it's scaring me, please pick me up!" 
After spending some time outside we came inside for afternoon naps. After Lilly's nap, she and I had a little Mommy/Daughter date and ran to Wal-Mart for some shopping...or shop shop as Lilly calls it. It was really nice to spend some 1:1 time with my favorite girl! We came home and had left overs for dinner, and after dinner she climbed up on my chair to get my drink...and was caught red handed. Tell me this face isn't the most precious thing you have ever seen?!?!
Goodness, she is cute! Thankfully, I was just drinking water since she ended up wearing it! :) 

That's all folks!