Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Florida Vacation: Part 1

I have finally gotten around the uploading Florida vacation pictures to blogger, so that means that you all finally get to see them and read what we thought about our trip! I will give you a hint-it was great! 

We left on Thursday, July 3rd after working full days at work. Stephen is such a rock-star and drove the entire way from our home to my Mom's house in Florida. It's about 16 hours without stops, so you do the math! Before leaving we fed Lilly and tried to keep her evening routine the same, with the exception of getting in her crib to go to sleep. Instead it was into the car seat! We stopped in town for gas, beverages (water for me, red bull and Mountain Dew for Stephen), and dinner at McDonald's and then we were on the road. I am so tankful that both Lilly and Louie have been great travelers with each of our journeys! Lilly slept off and on for the entire night, but wasn't fussy when she was awake. It worked out so well! 

We arrived at Mom's around lunchtime on the 4th of July, and soon took a family nap for a few hours. The rest of our first day is such a blurr because we were so tired and sleep deprived. I know we did suit up and hop in the pool later in the evening. Miss Lilly just couldn't wait! Oh, and we got pizza for dinner and banana icee's-the best!!!! 
I was a little worried, or curious, about how Lilly would handle being someplace new, sleeping in the same room as us, and sleeping in her pack-n-play. Thankfully, there were no issues. On our first night she did wake up screaming twice, which is very unlike her. We brought her in bed with us for a little while each time and calmed her down to lay her back in the pack-n-play. Such a trooper! 

Saturday we didn't do too much during the day. We went to Publix (the best grocery store ever), the mall, and just relaxed around Mom's house. I realized Mom had every episode of Duck Dynasty on her DVR and I was thrilled! :)
^Lilly at Publix. We went here several times on our trip and each time she got a cookie from the bakery. We joked that she was going to hate grocery shopping back home after this, and would expect a cookie each time, ha. 
^At the mall-Lilly insisted on holding both Daddy's and Nana's hand while riding in her stroller. It was precious. We were a wide load, ha. Good thing the mall wasn't crowded! 

Saturday evening we headed to my cousins house for a little BBQ and pool party. Lilly warmed up well to everyone (something I was a little worried about), and we had a great time. I think that William made the best hot dog I have ever had. It was so good-totally worth cheating and eating a hot dog while pregnant! 
My cousin, Beth and her daughters were not able to come to our baby shower, so while we were at their house they gifted us with some wonderful things. Lilly was included too and I appreciated that so much! In fact, she played with their gift everyday of our trip and it's come out several times at home back in IN too. Fisher Price Little People for the win! 

Some pictures from the family BBQ: 
Sunday we enjoyed a leisurely morning at home and then spent some time prepping for the baby shower that was to take place in the afternoon. I snapped some pictures of Stephen and Lilly playing after breakfast-I just love these two! Also, in both pictures she is playing with her new Little People toy from the night before. I told you-it's a favorite now! :) 
Stay tuned for Part Two: Liam's Baby Shower later this week! 


Ryan said...

Ahhhh! I just love her! Her little faces are so adorable!

Diana said...

I love her pigtails! She looks so adorable with them!

BeckyJo606 said...

I can't believe your husband drove the whole way!! Such a rockstar! We are driving to the beach on Friday/Saturday but we are total chickens and are breaking it up into two days. I LOVE the picture of Lilly in the stroller in the mall--she is so stinking cute! :)